Write for AfC

Do you have something on your heart to share with the AfC community?

If so – the AfC blog is currently looking for guest writers for one off articles or perhaps even regular contributors.

On the AfC blog, we aim to cover articles on all creative topics, including Music, Art, Design, Dance, Theatre, etc. In particular we are looking for helpful articles including How to’s, Reviews, Relevant Biblical teaching/study, etc.

If you are interested please contact James through our contact form. Please include some information about yourself, any links to previous work, and a brief description of what you might be interested in writing about.

4 thoughts on “Write for AfC

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  2. Hi Stranger. Still very much in it I see. Good for you !. If you are looking for writers I would be interested. I have since written an E book “Borne to Blog'” published by “Bibliotastic” there in England. And have been a weekly featured contributor on “Click a Blessing” out of Singapore (above) for a couple of years, under 4hispraise. I am interested in re- establishing the focus on Art commentary. Other than “Faithbook” (not facebook) where I comment occasionally I really don’t have that vehicle. Let me know what you think. Best, milt.

  3. P.S. I can write about a variety of subjects. Since I have done some teaching on the art of “Scratchboard” ( I have a tutorial book in the mill). This has been my focus for the last three years, and I am a member of ISSA International Society of Scratchboard Artists; A few members are your countrywomen. I have a large portfolio of that work.

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