Jon Foreman – Fall & Winter.

A couple of months ago I read a review of Jon Foreman’s first solo album, ‘Fall & Winter,’ in Christianity Magazine. The album received a 5-star review so I though I’d check out a few of the tracks on YouTube. Now you have to understand something about me – I often struggle with ‘Christian’ music. I find it can sometimes be unimaginative , both musically and lyrically, and this frustrates me. However, after hearing just a few of Foreman’s songs, I promptly bought both this album and its follow up ‘Spring & Summer,’and have been listening to them almost constantly since.

Foreman, the lead singer from American rock band ‘Switchfoot,’ has created two albums that are intimate, vulnerable, honest and imaginative. His songs are refreshingly free of Christian cliché and unimaginative chord sequences. Musically these albums are on the level of artists such as Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams and Sufjan Stevens. But the thing that impressed me the most were Foreman’s lyrics. Often drawn straight from the Bible, Foreman combines his poetic skill with the beauty of the Word of God. For example, the words of  ‘The House of God forever’ on Spring & Summer are taken directly from Psalm 23, the words of ‘Your Love is Strong’  are those spoken by Jesus (see video below).

As a music lover, ‘Fall & Winter’ and ‘Spring & Summer’ are a joy to listen to. As Christian, these albums speak of the Glory of our God in a fresh and exciting, yet familiar and simple way. It’s exciting to find another artist who bridges the unfortunate gap between these two, often separated passions of mine.