“I did not come to condemn” Stickers – Now Avaliable!

A lot of you guys have been asking about getting hold of the “I did not come to condemn….” stickers that we featured on the site recently.

I am pleased to announce that they are now avaliable at www.jesuspropaganda.com.

– James

Christian Graffiti Art from Dolar

I was SO excited when I saw an email sitting in the Artists for Christ inbox which had the subject “Ex-Ilegal graffiti writer now Jesus change his life!!”, I just wanted to let rip with a loud pentacostal “AMEN!!!!”.

So let me introduce Dolar, a graffiti artist from Spain, he has a website full of awesome images (I especially love the sketches section) which can be found at www.dolar-one.es.

I especially like how he has taken the classic “Hello, my name is” sticker, which street artists all over the world use, and made it all about Jesus!

– James