The New Generation Exhibition


So I was out visiting a friend back in June when I stumble across a Christian art exhibition being held at St Mary’s church in Chepstow. I was not prepared for what I was to find inside. The following brief was taken from the artists website and describes the collection:

“These paintings are based on a prophecy given at a leaders meeting in 1989 at Camber Sands. It was suggested to Anne that she might illustrate the prophecy. And so this exhibition was born. Anne painted the 31 silk screens over 4 years; many of them are over 5 feet tall”

The exhibition was absolutly breathtaking and the use of colour and detail was both incredible and moving. None of the images I have found do the originals screens any justice. I managed to speak to the artist, Anne House, whilst at the exhibition. She told me how much of an impact the images were having, not just of church goers, but all who were attending the galleries and churches it was being held.

What I like most about the exhibition is that it was being used as a form of outreach by all the chepstow churched who had come together to put on the exhibition.

If you would like to find out more about Anne House or view more of the exhibition, please click here

– Russell