Bear with me for being excited about something a tad nerdy.

The Royal Academy of Arts is doing an exhibition of art and relics from the Byzantium Empire. I wouldn’t have cared much at all about this this time last year, but this is what my church history module does to you. The Byzantium period was pretty awesome, Christianity spread all over the Roman Empire, and the church was working out it’s theology, like working out the difference between icons and idols, and just how far can you go. I’m gonna admit you might find it more exciting if you read up on the whole she-bang before hand, but the art is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been yet, but I’m planning on going and from the pictures it looks like the place is going to be packed with amazing trinkets and icons and all sorts. So, check out some Christian art history.

It runs from the 25th of October till the 22nd of March and to find out more information click here.

– Miriam