A geeky love for MOO – Business Cards

As a creative person, I often get really inspired, and certain clever ideas capture my imagination. As far as I am concerned as a creative person a business card is something that you shouldn’t be without. Bring on Moo

MOO Business Cards

Moo have been a recent discovery for me, and perfectly timely. They are a company who produce business cards, stickers, greetings cards and special “Moo Mini Cards”.

The other day I came across a blog post, “70 Amazing Business Cards“, it really inspired me and made me realise that I needed to get business cards for myself. All the time I am meeting new people and telling them about what I do, and end up writing URL’s and telephone numbers on scrappy bits of paper.

Artists for Christ Moo Mini Cards

After seeing the awesomeness of the Moo Mini Cards, and the buzz that is surrounding them amoungst creative-types online, I just HAD to try them out. It’s a shame that I didn’t have more that one design in mind, because a fantastic thing about the Moo cards is that in your order you can have as many images as you like, so if you wanted, each of your business cards could have a different image on the front.

I am really pleased with my cards, and so glad to have them for promotional purposes. The quality you get for the hugely bargain price is amazing, and their customer service is brilliant. Another cool thing is their blog which is full of really inspiring stuff like this.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is this: if you are a creative who doesn’t have a business card, I think it would be a very wise investment. The fun creative things that you can do with Moo cards (especially with the multiple image feature) are fantastic, and the quality of print is beautiful.

Moo are offering 20% off until the end of January 2009 with promo code: GE6X8C

If you do order something, we would love to see what you produce, and trade cards, so get in touch!

– James