The Times newspaper interview Lovepusher

Today I found something really exciting that I wanted to share. I found an interview with one of our favorite Christian Graffiti artists, Lovepusher, on The Times’ Website! I think it’s so great how Lovepusher is getting out into the secular world and public places with graffiti, but it all being about God, and there being no compromise about that! You can read the interview on the Times Online Website.

– James

New work from Lovepusher

In a post last month I introduced a Christian graffiti artist called Lovepusher. I think that Lovepusher’s work is absolutely amazing, and this is the newest piece uploaded to Lovepusher’s Flickr.

I’m so blessed that this kind of non-cheesy, but nonetheless radically JESUS artwork, is being put out in public places (in this case a legal graffiti area) for all to see.

How will people come to believe if they aren’t exposed to the truth?

Let us be inspired!

– James