He Is Here – Christmas Animation

This is a beautiful animation that tells the Christmas story through arty drawings. Unfortunately I am not sure who the artist is, but it is available to download and use at your church through a site called Shift Worship.

Shift Worship looks like a fantastic resource for churches who want to make more use of multimedia (which I personally think is a very good thing!) and I will definately be making a case for our church to purchase a membership.

I feel very inspired by this video, and feel very challenged personally to be creating more stuff like this to give myself an “artistic workout” but also to worship God and help others in their worship.

– James

It’s Personal #3 – My story about being a son starts with being a dad

Here is the third video testimony in the series produced by North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently we have also shared It’s Personal #1 and It’s Personal #2.

The reason that I am showing these videos seperately is that I think they are amazing. What a great use of media to share peoples testimonies in this way! I pray that God will really use these videos to reach people and speak truth into their lives. I praise God for his awesomeness, and the way that he beautifully transforms lives.

– James