Another Christian Graffiti Video

At the moment I am really appreciating Christian graffiti, there are some amazingly talented artists out there and I am so blessed that instead of not bringing God into their graffiti art, they are letting the two flow hand in hand.

The video above features a few Christian graffiti artists, including Camer1 and Fasm who we have seen before in a Christian graffiti video put together by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

– James

Jesus Saves – Graffiti

Every month or two I receive a street art magazine called Overspray (which if you are interested in street art is WELL worth a read). In the latest issue there was an article about a guy called “Rubin N” who goes around the streets of New York tagging “Jesus Saves”. In the interview that the journalist had with him, Rubin explains how this is his evangelism, and by leaving these tags it “preaches it for me, 24/7“.

I think this youtube video, which appears to be blackbook work of Rubin’s, is very interesting. Although at first it seems that some of the drawings seem a bit childish, there are some real gems in there, including some good humour! The variety is absolutely amazing, and when you consider quite how many drawings there are, you realise that a lot of time and effort has gone into this.

I’d really like to know what people think about using illegal graffiti as a form of evangelism. Certainly graffiti and street art are more and more becoming a great way of putting messages across, and to truly live a life devoted to Christ is about living a radical one,  Jesus himself was a real revolutionary, and did stuff that upset people to make a point and make them think. How far should we go as Christians to share the gospel? Should we be doing outrageous things that, in the eyes of the law are illegal, but, may well reach a lot of people who may not be reachable in other ways? I’d love to hear what you think…please do leave a comment with your thoughts.

– James

Beautiful Graffiti Video

This video is a collaboration between the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, graffiti artists Camer1 & Fasm, DJ and graffiti artist DJ Promote, and spoken word artist Tavis Brunson.

Being a fan of graffiti and street art I think that the painting is amazing and that the video is beautifully put together

For more information please see the BGEA news article.