Friday’s FYI – Jono Hale

Jono is a young Graphic Designer and Musician based in New Zealand. He has a passion for seeing the gospel shared through the creative arts and is particularly gifted at web design.

Jono Hale

Age? I was born on 11/10/1989(so for you guys in USA, 10/11/1989, October 11th πŸ˜› ) so that makes me 19.

Where do you live? I live in Ohau, which is a little town south of a larger little town, Levin, in the great land of New Zealand.

What is your favorite colour? I love the metallic gradient, light grey – black, or um… black? not sure…

What is your favorite website at the moment? Right now… hmm… *looks at bookmarks* possibly, &

What are the 3 things that you most like doing with your time? Well, Gaming with mates (COD4, Halo, Xbox live gamer tag: otenic add me πŸ˜› I’ll play nice first game, lol j/k no i won’t I’ll pwn ya πŸ˜‰ ), working on designs for youth group, helping out at youth church & church with sound, lighting, drumming…

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More Than Youth Website - Jono Hale

Love Out Of This World Shirt - Jono Hale

When did you first start using your creativity for God, and how did that come about? When i started designing! πŸ˜€ around 5 years ago when my mates at school got me back into web design, then got excited and we started work on our youth groups first website!

What inspires you? God, the world around me, other creative peoples work and more then often while listing to music.

Who are some of your favorite artists? Definately God, Andrew Kramer(, Aj Dimarucot & Danny Carlsen the designer for Parachute Music,, Andy Francis (Planetshakers designer, anyone that works hard to set new trends! oh and the guys over at!

What is the most amazing thing that you have seen God do? Gave me meaning and my talents! only 5 years as a designer and no formal education, that’s cos God isn’t dependent on what the world offers, he can use you any way you let him! oh sorry back to questions.

Do you have any particular projects going on at the moment? I recently applied for the position of Lead designer at NZ largest Christian youth mag ( so hopefully get that, Working on Motion graphics for Youth of the Nation Conference including promo video, intro videos and graphics for during worship as well as being Visual Director (live video production etc). I also have another project that is secret so can’t say. sorry πŸ™ + I’m working on getting my blog back on track πŸ˜€

What can we expect to see from you in future? Hopefully some cool new prototypes for sermon podcast stuff, social network stuff & even awesomer motion graphics! πŸ˜€ oh and if all works out a new Faith based T-Shirt company, check back here I’m sure I’ll let these guys know.

What would you most like to see come out of the Christian Creative scene in the next few years? Well what not? I want us to start setting trends, becoming the ‘beginning of art’ as God was and is, inspiring work that gets people thinking and brings them closer to God!

Where can we find more of your work? right now on my company’s website: (almost finished!), my new blog oh and my CreativeMYK space:

Anything else you would like to say? Keep using our talents for God, but think outside the box, use thought provoking words and ideas to get your message across, and remember God deserves your all, don’t hold back on your designs. And don’t be afraid to use resources like CreativeMYK, Gomedia and others to help enhance your designs, underline the word enhance! and remember He loves you!

Friday’s FYI – Dustin La Mont

Dustin La Mont is a graphic designer and musician based in the USA.

Seedvibe Cards

Age? 24

Where do you live? Meridian, Idaho

hat is your favorite colour? Green

What is your favorite website at the moment? My favorite currently would have to be Not really a “design” site, but I’m ok with that. πŸ™‚

What are the 3 things that you most like doing with your time?
1. Recording new drums tracks for our band’s songs 2. Playing drums for worship at church 3. New design projects

Red Light District Ministry

Leeland Poster

Kid Check Logo

When did you first start using your creativity for God, and how did that come about? I basically just started designing at age 13 with a buddy of mine, and have been self taught ever since, using inspiration from well known sites.

What inspires you? Designers, and sites such as:, and

Who are some of your favorite artists? Chuck Anderson, Logoholik, and Dache

What is the most amazing thing that you have seen God do? I’ve been faithfully tithing off of everything I make. I used to not do this. I would consider it as just “extra” money. But as I’ve been faithful with God has given me on every project, I have seen an incredible amount of blessing, and for that I have not had to do any marketing whatsoever. I also have had to turn down projects. I don’t like doing this, but when you don’t have time to work on the project, and they need it ASAP, that’s really the only thing you can do. God has truly blessed my business exceedingly abundantly above whatever I could’ve asked for. It’s great. God is faithful.

Do you have any particular projects going on at the moment? Yes! I am working on:

1. Website design for a local company called Pavement Specialties
2. 2 business card designs for 2 separate companies
3. A full page & quarter page magazine ad for a company called Extreme Nazarene. We are hoping to publish them in Collide Magazine, Relevant Magazine, as well as a few others.

What can we expect to see from you in future? Honesty, Integrity, and Quality design.

What would you most like to see come out of the Christian Creative scene in the next few years? I would really like to see the Christian scene step it up in the area of design. That means, more designers, and higher quality of work. I think sometimes we tend to lack in the quality aspect. We can always go higher. And we can always improve. I would like to see this continue!

Where can we find more of your work?, and some of my featured work is on

Anything else you would like to say? Thank you for the opportunity to communicate some of my thoughts, as well as share things about me personally. I am incredibly honored!

Note: Dustin is also part of a band called “The Waiting Kind”, you can listen to their stuff on MySpace. Hopefully we will be hearing about their new album soon!

New Generation Bible Project

I have, I would say, a very keen eye for design, and so when I see some really amazing Christian design work, I absolutely LOVE IT!

Whilst at Soul Survivor this year I was walking around the warehouse with all the shops and stands, and came upon a stand for an organization called New Generation. They had these pile of AMAZING looking bibles, and instantly I asked the guy if they were for sale. They were white and blue with an AMAZING design of the face of Jesus on the cover, inside there were fantastically written, easy to read testimonies, and information about giving your life to Christ. I found out that they were 5 for Β£10, working out to Β£2 each! I snapped 5 up straight away!

New Generation is a great organisation which exists to help students to share the gospel with their friends. With this project they are trying to get as many students as possible to step out and share the gift of a bible with their friends. You can read more about the project on the New Generation Website, and if you are interested in buying some bibles (which I think are FANTASTIC) you can visit the New Generation webshop.

I really love stuff like this, because the design is SO good that it draws you in. I’d really love to see more stuff like this in circulation, its cool, its relevant, and its appealing. Fantastic.

– James

Cutting Edge Creativity

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10

It is said that Charles Wesley, a big hymn-writer from back in the day, used to take pub songs that people used to sing, and would make his own worshipful lyrics to the tunes of these songs. Genius.

I’m no historian, I dropped history when I chose my high school subjects at the age of 14, so i’m no expert, but, I had to have a little look back, because, from discussions with various people recently I feel like there has been a change. I mean, don’t get me wrong, times do change, cultures have been changing and evolving for thousands of years, but why do I feel as if Christian creativity just hasn’t got the same place in general society as it used to?

I hope that i’m not wrong in saying that the likes of Caravaggio, Da Vinci and Michelangelo were mainstream artists who were pushing the boundaries of art in their time, with their most famous works being centred around the Christian faith. These guys were out there, and the people were, and still are, LOVING IT!

As a side, something that really got me thinking this weekend was the fact that my sister, a nominal Christian, on Saturday night went to a huge event in Croydon called Witchfest, a witch convention. Now, she only went in the evening for the music event, and putting all the other issues aside, what I am trying to pull out of that situation is this: If NON witches are being attracted to events such a witchfest purely for the music, then why is this not happening in the Christian community? Now, please don’t think that I am naive because I know that plenty of non-Christians go along to events such as Soul Survivor each year and end up commiting their lives to God, but i’m talking about the mainstream here.

Please bare with me here, because, I am not writing this article to tell you all the answers, I REALLY have not got them! But what I am aiming to do is to ask some questions which, as Christian creatives, both individually and as a community, we really do need to think about.

I know that there are a lot of Christians who are using their skills and really getting out there, whether in the Music, Art, Entertainment, or Sport industries, but why does it seem that to find this stuff we need to search so hard, shouldn’t the Gospel message be there, easily accessible, slapping us in the face! I feel like in the times we are in, there is always a struggle for the church to keep up with the latest things, and more often than not just creating a cheesier version than the mainstream version, and far too late anyway!

This is not me “having a go” at the church, or you! This is an encouragement, this is me saying that we are the sons and daughters of a creative God, who, I believe wants us to be SETTING the trends, paving the creative way, rather than constantly playing catch-up. Tom and Cindy Bauer, founders of Surfing the Nations whom I spent 3 months with at the beginning of the year love this quote: “The gospel message never changes, but the ways to present it do.” I love that quote, and it is so true!

In the last few years, I have been a lonely artist, I’ve not felt as if I have been able to connect with anyone who is on the same wavelength as me, both artistically and spiritually, and that is a tough place to be, it has meant that a lot of the time I have compromised, especially in my art, because I haven’t really had accountability in my art. But, this is what Artists for Christ is about (no, not me making some arty friends), it’s about God raising up a new generation of creatives who are not willing to compromise, who are willing to get right into the thick of the mainstream, but to stand strong in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to radiate Jesus, to be radical, to truly be Salt and Light.

– James