A quick thought from Germany

Apologies for the lack of posts from me: I’ve been travelling but will get something up on some new music very soon indeed! Something very quick for now – while I was in Cologne over new year I visited the city museum. Something that particularly stood out to me was a painting of Jesus crucified with Mary, the apostle John and two others looking up to the cross. The faces of those surrounding the cross were very plain, and as I listened to the commentary on the painting, I heard these intruiging words (paraphrased below):

Mary, John and the others have the faces of the artist, his wife and two other family members, and this painting was kept in the artist’s house. It was popular to paint the faces of loved ones surrounding the cross during the Middle Ages. This was to remind the painter (and family) that the cross was not something distant – but an act done for them, and ultimately, an act caused by them.”

Wow. True Christian creativity of about 600 years ago in the middle of Germany. Maybe a modern version of this is worth doing, even if just for our own benefits.


Art or Martial Art?

I found Rick Alonso whilst surfing the net, he combines artistic skill and athletic ability to illustrate the gospel in a fresh, visual way. the following statement is taken from his website:

“Movements throughout the program demonstrates the power and grace inherent in God’s word.  Rick’s athleticism is a challenge to his audience to use their energy, talent and physical attributes for the Glory of Jesus Christ.”

For myself, I found the video’s on his website to be very exciting and moving. I am always on the look for artists who are not affraid to step out and try new forms of expression, which Rick has clearly done. If you would like to find out more please visit Rick’s website.

– Russell



Bear with me for being excited about something a tad nerdy.

The Royal Academy of Arts is doing an exhibition of art and relics from the Byzantium Empire. I wouldn’t have cared much at all about this this time last year, but this is what my church history module does to you. The Byzantium period was pretty awesome, Christianity spread all over the Roman Empire, and the church was working out it’s theology, like working out the difference between icons and idols, and just how far can you go. I’m gonna admit you might find it more exciting if you read up on the whole she-bang before hand, but the art is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been yet, but I’m planning on going and from the pictures it looks like the place is going to be packed with amazing trinkets and icons and all sorts. So, check out some Christian art history.

It runs from the 25th of October till the 22nd of March and to find out more information click here.

– Miriam