Help! Artists for Christ has gone all weird!


Hey guys, just a note to say that we are currently working on a new look for the Artists for Christ blog.

We have been working on it for quite a few weeks now and it’s almost ready to go. Please do excuse us for any mess that there might be over the next few days, we will try and keep it to a minimum!

The new look should be with us by the end of the week!

May the Lord bless you,

– The Artists for Christ team

Get involved with the first AfC zine!


Because it’s Christmas, I thought it would be a great excuse to get a load of artists together to make a zine full of creativity based on the (very loose) theme of Christmas!

Above is an image submitted by Gospel Graffiti artists, Rhyse.

We have had some great submissions so far even including a tasty Christmas recipe!

Since writing about inspiring websites and over the last couple of days scouring sites such as Flickr and Ffffound, I have been….you guessed it SO inspired! It’s been frustrating sitting at my desk at work, because I just want to leave the office and go paint!

Because of the new year holiday I have the next few days off, so it is going to be perfect for setting some time aside for creativity, and getting my submissions ready!

I understand that over Christmas it has been a busy time, so I want to open up the zine submissions for another week or so.

Please email your submissions to

Everything is welcome, so please, get involved!

– James