Lifehouse’s Everything Skit

This drama is best known as “Lifehouse’s Everything Skit” and was originally performed at the 2006 Smokey Mountain Winterfest in Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville TN, by Mission Baltimore.

When I first saw this video, a minute or so in I was bored and thinking, “I thought people said this was powerful?! It looks to me like another ‘namby-pamby’ Christian dance…” But as it continued I started to feel moved, and by the end my eyes had filled with tears.

I think the dance really depicts the struggle we face in life, to battle our way through sin and suffering and stay close to God. Though it may seem corny, we can’t escape the awesome truth that God is all powerful and can free us from anything getting in the way of our relationship with Him. Praise the Lord!

– Serena