Presenting testimonies to this generation

Vintage Mic

“I shall remember the deeds of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old.” – Psalm 77:11

Testimonies are powerful things. Check out the outcome of Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4: her testimony is part of a great move of God in a Samaritan village. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all this. Other than the Bible, the books that have most transformed my Christian view and walk have been the stories of God working in people’s lives. These have included gangsters becoming evangelists (“Run Baby Run” – Nicky Cruz), the beginning of modern missions to inland China (Hudson Taylor – “A man in Christ”) and stories of what God is doing in modern day China (Brother Yun – “The Heavenly Man”). Not only these famous ones, but also testimonies from friends of things big and small. Stories catch people off-guard who are otherwise closed to talking about God. It is easy to argue with a theology. It is a lot harder to argue with that theology when it comes through in someone’s story.

I am aware that many people do find reading difficult, or are just too busy to sit down and read an entire book of someone’s testimony.  This is particularly true for non-Christians who are interested in exploring the Christian faith. Also, just the nature of distributing books means that people are unlikely to come into copies of testimonies unless someone gives one to them directly (side note: give out testimonies! It can be a powerful ministry in itself!). Finally, many encouraging testimonies of our friends may never be written up and published.

So how can we address these difficulties of presenting one of our most powerful tools? This might be where you come in. An encouraging trend recently has been the production of testimonies in non-book forms. The story of Nate Saint, Jim Elliot and the other men martyred in Ecuador during the 1950’s was recently made into a film. Brother Yun’s testimony has been produced as a manga comic. David Wilkerson’s “The Cross and the Switchblade” was even made into a theatrical play. I see openings for more innovative presentations like this.

Consider over the coming weeks translating your own story, that of a friend or of a Christian who has greatly inspired you into whatever you do best. If you’re a painter, paint a testimony. If a musician, sing or rap it. If you’re into poetry, video making, drawing, sculpture or whatever else, there is so much room to tell of the “deeds of the Lord”. Like the Samaritan woman or the many others who had their lives changed through meeting Jesus, we don’t have to say anything too complex. We have tasted and seen that the Lord is good – let us share our discoveries with those around us!


Senior Adult Choir Hip-Hop

Ok, so, I saw this video the other day through one of our friends on Twitter, and for the last couple of days I’ve thought to myself “Should I, Shouldn’t I?”, but, i’ve done it! I think that this video is fantastic, it’s one of those ones that I WISH I had thought of myself! According to the blurb on the youtube page the video was created as an intro to a student retreat to, “set the tone” for the weekend, and to me it is genius! What a fantastic way of getting the students’ attention, seeing their grandparents perform Hip-Hop tunes!

Love it!

– James

It’s Personal #3 – My story about being a son starts with being a dad

Here is the third video testimony in the series produced by North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently we have also shared It’s Personal #1 and It’s Personal #2.

The reason that I am showing these videos seperately is that I think they are amazing. What a great use of media to share peoples testimonies in this way! I pray that God will really use these videos to reach people and speak truth into their lives. I praise God for his awesomeness, and the way that he beautifully transforms lives.

– James

It’s Personal – A Former Atheist Speaks

It’s Personal – A Former Atheist Speaks
from dewde on Vimeo.

This is probably one of the BEST video testimonies I have ever seen in my life…great story and put together in such a beautiful way. It was put together by a team at North Point Community Church, Atlanta, Georgia and is the story of a guy called Chris Ames, who I recently met online through the Artists for Christ twitter profile.

– James

Art or Martial Art?

I found Rick Alonso whilst surfing the net, he combines artistic skill and athletic ability to illustrate the gospel in a fresh, visual way. the following statement is taken from his website:

“Movements throughout the program demonstrates the power and grace inherent in God’s word.  Rick’s athleticism is a challenge to his audience to use their energy, talent and physical attributes for the Glory of Jesus Christ.”

For myself, I found the video’s on his website to be very exciting and moving. I am always on the look for artists who are not affraid to step out and try new forms of expression, which Rick has clearly done. If you would like to find out more please visit Rick’s website.

– Russell

Hearts of Man – Gospel Graffiti

To the heart of the matter from cameron moberg on Vimeo.

Here is another great video from some of the Gospel Graffiti guys, I found it on the Gospel Graffiti Blog. I love the way that they have done this mural, it is SO beautiful!

I think that what Gospel Graffiti are doing is fantastic, its so beautiful to see these guys working together like this to bring glory to God! Be inspired! I certainly am!

– James