It’s Personal – A Former Atheist Speaks

It’s Personal – A Former Atheist Speaks
from dewde on Vimeo.

This is probably one of the BEST video testimonies I have ever seen in my life…great story and put together in such a beautiful way. It was put together by a team at North Point Community Church, Atlanta, Georgia and is the story of a guy called Chris Ames, who I recently met online through the Artists for Christ twitter profile.

– James

Art or Martial Art?

I found Rick Alonso whilst surfing the net, he combines artistic skill and athletic ability to illustrate the gospel in a fresh, visual way. the following statement is taken from his website:

“Movements throughout the program demonstrates the power and grace inherent in God’s word.  Rick’s athleticism is a challenge to his audience to use their energy, talent and physical attributes for the Glory of Jesus Christ.”

For myself, I found the video’s on his website to be very exciting and moving. I am always on the look for artists who are not affraid to step out and try new forms of expression, which Rick has clearly done. If you would like to find out more please visit Rick’s website.

– Russell

This ain’t Grime, it’s Christ-like music” – MC Stealth (Bibles! Bibles!)

Today we have a guest writer on Artists for Christ, my good friend Jonny Rose. He is currently a student at Exeter University and has a love for Urban music.

– James

Grime? – it’s just hip-hop isn’t it?…

Unlike hip-hop, where true fans are at pains to explain the difference between the original praise-worthy tenets of the music – championing the virtues of education, hard-work and mobilising as a means of self-improvement – as opposed to the trends of illicit gangsterism and materialism that later entered the genre. Grime lacked this from its very conception.
A darker sonical off-shoot of UK Garage, Grime sprung up in from the insalubrious urban sprawl of London’s less affluent areas. Traditionally, the sound comprises of double-time rapping over grubby basslines and syncopated beats. The lyrical content never strays far from the secular rap staples of drug-taking, pre-marital sex and the constant championing of violence. It comes as no surprise that most of the proponents of the scene have been involved in criminal activity and spent time in jail as a result.
Grime is the voice of angry and disenfranchised British youth who aren’t blessed with a stable home-life, a sparkling academic record or opportunities. Most of all, they’re lacking the Good News.

Enter Bibles! Bibles!

An 8-bar Grime riddim championing God’s word in a way that would make a Fundamentalist proud, ‘Bibles! Bibles!’ firmly sets itself apart from the scene and embodies – in my opinion – the Christian ideal of being in the world, but not of it. Subverting the traditional grime response of elevating fingers shaped like a pistol and shouting, “Brrrap!” as a means of showing approval, the song instead calls for the lifting up of Scripture.
The restrictions of the Grime sound means that the MC words lack the slower more contemplative lyricism that can be found in the Christian hip-hop but this does not make for a watered-down experience.
The song contains lyrics such as:

“I stay close to God for my own survival
I seek God and wait for his arrival
No-one else he’s my only Idol
The Bible always brings a revival”


“I’m kinda hungry and I want a munchie
So I draw for the daily bread
Forget cutlery I make moves on my N.I.V”

As well as a catchy and joyful chorus. Watching the video, one can’t help but smile at the sheer ebullience of these boys and their rhyming.
What I’ve always loved about the Gospel message is its enduring ability to permeate even the most God-forsaken places. Although mass media, in all its forms, does all it can to reject the word of God, God is not limited. Bibles, Bibles shows this.
Some may view this as inarticulate noise, but I have no doubt that if more and more music like this is made, we’ll see something amazing happen amongst the young in Britain. For those of us who like their music to have a little more ‘umph’, when it espouses Kingdom values, you can’t go wrong with this!

– Jonny Rose

The Illuminate DVD

This week, a very exciting project is launching across the university of Oxford, where every new student is being given a DVD of the testimonies of 3 students who became Christians last year with a short explanation of the gospel afterwards. Both filming and production have, in my opinion, been excellent – certainly better than I’d expected! The plan is to deliver around 3500 of these door-to-door to new students to give them a chance to explore the Christian faith, and ask any questions they have arising from watching it. See it for yourself in the videos below, and please keep the project in your prayers. If you’d like to know more, or if you’re considering doing something similar at your university, please do get in touch with me at

– Stephen