Bus shelters show nativity scene

This is, in my opinion a feast for the eyes!

The image is a poster for a Christmas advertising campaign in the UK by The Churches Advertising Network. They have produced some really fantastic Christmas and Easter campaigns in the past, and are totaly in line with the heart we have as an organisation.

It’s so great to see stuff getting out there that is provoking thought!

For more information check out the BBC news article.

– James

Faces of Jesus

Recently i’ve been thinking about images of Jesus and remember seeing a che-style Jesus on a billboard around easter time. I was searching online for the image and came across a section about different “faces of Jesus” at rejesus.co.uk.

The two images above are my favorite, first the che-style image that I mentioned and also a Guru style Jesus from the view of Hindu culture. The faces of Jesus section is definately worth a look and can be found here.