More from Jesus Painter (Mike Lewis)

We have shown Mike’s work in a previous post but he has a lot of videos of him painting that are just SO worth sharing. The particular video shown above is very beautifully put together, and very moving. I love the way that the emotion is put across using so many dimensions with the painting, the words and the music.

– James

“When I Grow Up…” – an art exhibition by James Brooks

Here is a bit of shameless self-promotion!

Recently I have been working on a new collection of paintings which will be shown for the next month at the Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor. Everyone is welcome to the opening night which will be this Weds 1st October, from 7pm. For more information please visit the Firestation website.

– James

The Elements of Vastness

This is a fantastic piece of art. The artist [Jeffrey Baker] works very much in layers, and tries to capture the landscapes of his native country of Australia.

Below is a quote from Jeffrey:

The use of our imagination should never be restricted or hindered. Freedom of expression and the understanding in one’s ability is a life time goal we should all try to achieve with the gifts we have been given from God

If you want to see more of Jeffrey’s work please click here