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“There is a conversation about God going on in popular culture that the church is not engaged in and is often unaware of.”

The above quote comes from a book called A Matrix of Meaning and is part of a call to Christians to start promoting work within [what Christians would call] the secular industry.

I have been thinking about this a lot recently, due to an essay I had to write on the engagement of Christians within popular culture and would like to share a little bit of what I have been thinking about with you.

I love reading. It does not really matter what it is that I am reading, so long as I am reading something. However I have always struggled to read christian fiction, possibly because I have an underlying belief that if christian fiction cannot make it into mainstream bookstores, it must be terrible.

I have made a mistake

I am beginning to believe that the trouble stems not from the fiction, but where the fiction is being aimed at. Maybe the reason why we do not see a large amount of christian fiction is because its aimed at the christian market within christian sellers.

Can Christians not write meaningful fiction that can be enjoyed by all? of course! I was very amazed to find a copy of ‘The Shack’, [for those that do not know, this is a recent book written by William Young, about a man’s encounter with God] in my local bookstore, which shows that such fiction can be aimed at the mass market.

Often we see everyone outside of church as just people we either need to avoid or evangelise till they become one of us. We could however choose to see them as people on a journey, just like us, searching for something bigger who might just find something worthwhile in something a christian has written.

What I am trying to do is encourage writers to be confident in their abilities to write. Enter competitions, get your friends to read your work, push boundaries and knock on doors.

It does not matter what we write, whether it be film scripts, poetry, fiction, comics, songs or whatever we should believe that God can break down any walls and allow his message to be read in all spheres of culture, not just our own christian culture. We need to start aiming bigger for the sake of others.

“I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD  in the land of the living.” – Psalm 27

Lets start showing the goodness of God to the world through the creativity he has given us.

– Russell

3 thoughts on “Writers! Be Confident

  1. It’s so true about most christian authors writing for christian audiences. There are so few christian authors that write for a larger audience and when they do they are usually criticized pretty harshly by christians. Christians should be able to write great fiction for the love of writing while letting their beliefs shine through seamlessly. The message doesn’t have to be obvious, if you love God the truth will be there. Lord of the Rings for example.

  2. Heck yeah! Christian authors would do well following examples like C.S. Lewis. He wrote a science fiction series just to reach out to others.

  3. I second DreadedRafifi’s comment. I remember when posting stuff on TheGdfc.com and getting some harsh comments, by Christians and non-christians a like, but it seems like the Christian audience immediately get’s offended when you write, design, develop, for both audiences. It’s our purpose to draw in both crowds.’

    Of course I wouldn’t go a design something with a provocative image, but you get the point.

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