Are Some Thoughts Still Taboo?

In our Christ-centred creativity most often we focus on the good things, joy, and the good times. In this post our friend and brother in Christ, Joe Ogborn gives his thoughts on creativity that gives an honest reflection of where we are at.

Lost and Confused Signpost

In the last week I have been looking to write a song based (loosely) on Psalm 42. If you’ve got a Bible to hand, it’s worth giving it a read. It is hard to overlook the raw honesty present in the Psalm. While maintaining a steadfast hope in God, the Psalmist calls out to God ‘Why have you forgotten me?’

This got me thinking. Do we, as artists in whatever field, ever feel that there are certain feelings we cannot express in our art for fear that it will bring disrepute to Jesus’ reputation? Are we reticent to express doubt, frustration and maybe even disappointment?

Perhaps we as artists can play a vital role in serving the body of Christ in this area. How many of us have turned up to a meeting and sang songs that express our deep love for God when in truth we are struggling to even believe in Him? I know I have. Sometimes we can put on a fake smile and when everyone else seems to be hearing from God, it can seem to us like God has closed up Heaven’s phone lines. I don’t wish to encourage doubt as some fashionable new accessory for the culturally savvy Christian, but perhaps being blunt and honest in our art may reach out to those who perhaps feel like the Victorious Christian Life, that they are meant to be living, has passed them by.

Or what about the woman who has had a third miscarriage after feeling sure that she had a word from God reassuring her that this time it was going to be a boy? Are there songs/poems/pictures out there that deal with the raw anger and disappointment that she feels?

So rather than rambling any longer, here’s my challenge: the Christian life is not pretty all the time and doesn’t come gift wrapped with a nice bow on top, but we have a God who identifies with our pain and weakness in Jesus. Was it not Jesus who cried out ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ If Jesus shouted that at a darkened sky, perhaps we may be bold enough to put pen to paper and invite others to share our joy and our sadness, our highs and our lows while following Jesus.

– Joe Ogborn

5 thoughts on “Are Some Thoughts Still Taboo?

  1. Great post! I’m working on a song that started (in my conversation with the Lord) with “You ruin everything!” Hoping it’s going to be good. 🙂

    • Lex, that sounds like an awesome, eye catching, title for a song! Please do share it with us when it’s finished! Do you think you will be recording it?

  2. Great Post! I’m actually working on writing a few songs right now with my band that explore the darkness of life and the hope and light that comes when we trust in Jesus. You have a good point though, we shouldn’t just put a nice bow on top of it, we need to really explore the ups and downs of life in our “art” and not try to hide them.

  3. You are so true …the Psalms are clear examples of what a man goes through in the development of his life with God, which is not always pink-shaded of course 🙂

    God bless you

    trying to deliver a good message now in Spanish, soon in English,

    MC Matu–from Argentina

  4. I’m way late reading this post but it’s dead on in my work as a visual artist I am interested in exploring the true honest breadth of building and growing your relationship in Christ. It sooooooo good to know you guys are out there and my spirit is not crazy 😛

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