A quick thought from Germany

Apologies for the lack of posts from me: I’ve been travelling but will get something up on some new music very soon indeed! Something very quick for now – while I was in Cologne over new year I visited the city museum. Something that particularly stood out to me was a painting of Jesus crucified with Mary, the apostle¬†John and two others looking up to the cross. The faces of those surrounding the cross were very plain, and as I listened to the commentary on the painting, I heard these intruiging words (paraphrased below):

Mary, John and the others have the faces of the artist, his wife and two other family members, and this painting was kept in the artist’s house. It was popular to paint the faces of loved ones surrounding the cross during the Middle Ages. This was to remind the painter (and family) that the cross was not something distant – but an act done for them, and ultimately, an act¬†caused by them.”

Wow. True Christian creativity of about 600 years ago in the middle of Germany. Maybe a modern version of this is worth doing, even if just for our own benefits.


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  1. Stephen, I have noticed this to in my travels. It was brought tio mind, though not explicitly biblical, in a visit to the Norman Rockwell Gallery where all of his subjects were family and friends in his locality. I recently finished a book where I tell of my experience of wakeing
    at two in the morning (as often compelled by the Spirit) hearing the words and music of a very long forgotton childhood melody ( I am 80 years old)- “I come to the garden” You may know it ” and He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own”.
    In that early morning I began and l later finished a Image of my 8 yearold daughter Christa ( now 56) in her communion dress… a single rose in her hand among the roses…. head turned , listening to His voice.
    : A present for my soon to come great grandchild that it might witness to her. milt

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