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John-Marc Grob is a Christian comic book artist and illustrator based in the USA. John-Marc has worked with various big names over the years, and has a fantastic line of childrens books, comics, posters and DVDs.

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Age? 41

Where do you live? New Jersey

What is your favorite colour? Purple

What is your favorite website at the moment? As a Christ follower, this is so amazing and what the Bible speaks of is coming true.

What are the 3 things that you most like doing with your time? First I enjoy quiet time with God, Love being a Dad with my two kids, I love my career as an artist.

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When did you first start using your creativity for God, and how did that come about? I was in Middle school, my church needed some art for a mission trip and they asked me, from then on I have been doing a lot for churches and still doing it today.

What inspires you? Being an artist the cool thing is how God gets me into a wave of creativity, from hearing a song and working in the yard, or sleeping! I get the bug when I’m really sleepy and a lot of my best stuff has come from when I’m dead tired.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
Boy this is a long list, I’ll try to keep it short. One of my new friends who helped us with our comic book, his name is Jeff Slemons. These are a few others: Claude Monet, The classical Disney artists, The Hildebrandt brothers, Ansel Adams. You’ll see I enjoy all Artists, I really enjoy looking at new Artists too. I owned a gallery for 3 years and I had every kind of style showing.

What is the most amazing thing that you have seen God do? Boy this is the biggest question. I have seen so much too! The two which are big in my life right now is seeing our two children being born and God healing me.

Short story, this past April I went for my yearly eye check up and was told that I was going blind. Believe me when I say I was fine when I heard that this is the truth! No fear or sadness, just peace. As you can see my favorite website tells the whole story too.

The signs of the times I heard in my heart when the doctor told me, I have been studying prophecy for 5 years now and I heard God speaking into my heart as I was being told of my blindness. The doctor was flipping out as she told me, I didn’t flip out, I said “okay” she said again, you’re going blind! I said “okay” and smiled. I didn’t know at the time that someone from my moms church worked there too, more about this too. I told my wife and mom and they were really sad and my wife was really sad for many reasons. I was fine with this news.

I called my pastor up and talked to him and his wife and they prayed over me that night, he too said I’m fine with it? I said yes, he said dude like that’s not normal! I know I’m an artist I said and smiled. I told him what I had on my heart with the times we are in now, and gave him the facts and said God has put this on my heart to reach out to Christians and let them know the truth.

At the time I was part of a mens prayer group friday mornings at our church. I asked for their prayers and told them what I knew was happening, there were about 25 plus guys there. Their prayers were so amazing I couldn’t pray myself and had tears of joy in my heart. That day I had to go to a doctor to see how fast and how bad it was getting. Sitting in the chair and having peace in my heart still, the doctor took me into his room which had some state of the art equipment. After the testing was done, he didn’t see anything wrong with my eyes as the other doctor had. I was touched by God and my sight was restored. Still tears of joy come from knowing the God of the heaven and earth stopped for a second and took time into my life and healed me. He took time His time to answer and heal me, who am I? I’m small little speck on this earth and He took His time to help me.

This goes to the other question about What would I like to see more Creative Christians do? do you understand now? He’s calling you and me and join Him in His fight! This isn’t a game, this is real people who are dieing, family and friends. I pray for the one reading this now to stop and pray to Gods for wisdom to come into to his life. And if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal savior I ask you to pray for him to be part of your life right now. This is real stuff, this is eternal life He has for you. God Bless.

Do you have any particular projects going on at the moment? Yea, like any other Artists don’t we have more then we can do … LOL. I have one project called “FriendFish” this is a childrens DVD, then our comic books Mecha Manga Bible Heroes. I do have a few books I’m working on as well too, from coloring books to drawing books, and kids story books. I’m in the beginning of doing a cartoon for a company in Australia called ” I hate my PC”. Working on a series for kids to teach them how to draw on DVD. Again I have a few projects under the box right now too.

What can we expect to see from you in future? My FriendFish could be the first big thing you’ll see, then my coloring books, and my drawing books which will be in a series. I’m working on a full length movie too.

What would you most like to see come out of the Christian Creative scene in the next few years? I want to see more Christian Artists who work in there field as the top ten doing more of His Kingdom! We have a lost great talented people selling them self to the World, and giving God the short end of the stick. I worked for Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel comics, just to name a few. I have been a Graphic Artist since 1988, I have worked for some of the top AD companies in our area. All of which really didn’t do anything to help spread the Gospel. Since 1998 I changed my thinking and started to do more art and projects which filled the vast hole we have.

The parents are crying out for better kids stories, better kids toys. Yet we see more trashy toys for our kids and stories which are pulling our kids from the truth to the dark side, its like the Star Wars movie. Luke come to the dark side feel the power! When will we wake up and see our youth, our children are getting the message to hate the Bible and God and love yourself! I can’t say it enough and I have spoken my feelings to other Christian Artists, and I get well I need the money or I wanted to work for this company all my life! I’m like what?!! God will provide! God has given you your gift of Art, and your selling him out! Yeah this is a hot topic on my heart as you may see. Thanks : )

Where can we find more of your work? My art has been selling internationally for over 20 years now, from a lot of different stores, and now since the internet this just opens new doors. Most of my stuff is being sold online and in Christian books stores across the country now. I have sold in Sears, K-Mart, Walmart, and many other chain stores too.

Anything else you would like to say? : )

You can see more of John-Marcs work at and

7 thoughts on “Friday’s FYI – John-Marc Grob

  1. This is such an encouragement to me John-Mark, in particular how joyful you are in telling of what God has done in your life! Thank you for sharing this, and for reminding us of the seriousness of our calling to share the Gospel wherever we are. Gonna try to get hold of one of those Mecha Manga comics now…is there any way of getting them in England?

    May the Lord use you greatly for His glory and may you rejoice in Him always!


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  3. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks! Yea James has asked too, the bummer part is the shipping cost is so way out there. I need to help finding a way to send some over to you guys too! Maybe if my wife has to go over to London on business I’ll put 200 into your suitcase : ). Again thanks, and God bless.


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