Which websites do you visit for inspiration?


Recently I asked the question “Which websites do you visit for inspiration?” to our Twitter followers.

I was curious, because I find the internet such a rich source of inspiration. Browsing other artists’ websites, blogs and image sharing sites often really gets me pumped and excited about being creative.

So here is a short list of websites that some of our twitter followers recommend:

The Resurgence – A fantastic website which has some great Christian resources. Personally I follow the blog, which is full of very down to earth, real, raw, issues and biblical teaching. They also give away excellent e-books on often not talked about subjects, as well as recommending books that are worth reading. (thanks @obed)

The Rebelution – I had never seen this website before, but I am so glad that it has been recommended. The Rebelution is run by two 19 year-old boys who are passionate about seeing young people being radical for Christ. They even have a book out called “Do Hard Things” which I think will be one of the items next in my amazon shopping basket! (thanks @oksy)

Flickr – This is a great photo and video sharing site, which is for me, without doubt, such a huge source of inspiration. There are thousands of amazingly talented creative people displaying their work on Flickr. Check out our article about setting up a Flickr account and get involved! (thanks @oksy)

Etsy – Etsy is a great service which allows people who make handmade products to sell them online. It’s great for inspiration, and I love what Etsy stand for. I always think of sites like Etsy when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays, as I think it is always best to support independent creatives, and generally by doing that you get some great quality gifts too! Also if you are looking to start selling online, depending on what your product is, Etsy could be a great place to start. (thanks @oksy)

Vimeo – Vimeo is a video sharing site similar to YouTube. Vimeo claim to offer the “best HD video on the web”, and personally I would have to agree. I have seen some great videos on Vimeo, and the high quality video is very refreshing. (thanks @brianhunttv)

Ffffound – An image bookmarking site which as you start clicking will lead you on an endless journey of highly inspirational images. I often use this site to get excited about creating and I highly reccomend it. (thanks to myself… @james_brooks)

So, which websites do you visit for inspiration? Please do share in the comments section.

– James

5 thoughts on “Which websites do you visit for inspiration?

  1. That’s a nice list, James. I can add a couple, if you don’t mind. A very interesting blog I discovered some months ago written by emma (@errantsock) called errantsock (errantsock.typepad.com/) is a little-known gem. I get inspiration from her in so many ways.

    Another blog in the christian theme would be anarkiesmusing.blogspot.com. I believe you would enjoy it.

    I hate to pick just two, because I have several blogs that I follow on a daily basis. Please visit my website for a full list of the blogs I follow, if you like.

  2. Hey Snow, thanks for sharing.

    Emma’s blog looks great, I like her sense of humour.

    As for the other blog, I can’t seem to get access to it….is that the correct URL?

    You are right about narrowing it down. The wealth of content online is mind-blowing, but the fantastic thing about it is that it makes it so easy to connect with content that really makes you tick, and if you immerse yourself in it you can be extremely inspired on a daily basis.

    Certainly, sometimes for me I get into inspiration overload, which is frustrating because the restraint of time stops me from doing as many creative projects as I would like!

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