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As contributors to the Artists for Christ blog, we thought that we had better share a little about ourselves. This can all be found on the Team page or else, read more about us below.


James is an Artist/Designer with a particular interest in Street Art & Graffiti. He specialises in fine art and web design, although will put his hand to anything creative. James feels a particular call to evangelism and desires to see other Christians sharing their faith with the people around them, especially in creative ways! He recently got back from Hawaii, where he volunteered with a Christian surfers organisation for 3 months.


A cynic towards the Christian faith until his mid-teens, God in His grace reached into Stephen’s life and turned his life around. Since then, the South London geeky rapper has been discovering day-by-day the glorious riches of grace that were secured for Him by Jesus’ achievements. Someone who likes words in all of their forms, Stephen’s major interests are in rapping, reading and speaking; especially when these things are used to explore the Christian faith.


Russell is a large comic book geek, who longs for the day when he will find high standard Christian comics in his local comic book shop. Russell hopes that Christians will break down the barriers that separate Christian work from secular and use their talents to create powerful and life changing artistry that all people can be inspired by. Russell is currently attending regents theological college and is waiting to know what to do with his life.


Miriam Kendrick grew up in south London, and is a full time theology student at the London School of Theology. She is passionate about Christian art deeply rooted in theology, that will have a impact on the secular art world which has moved so far from the intentions God had when he made us creators.

4 thoughts on “The Artists for Christ team

  1. I am so stoked on you guys, and my brother James! AFC, God has big plans for you guys. At Boarders For Christ, our 2008 theme we used on tour is “Created to Create”. You guys are definitely living this out, creating, using the gifts God created you to use. 1Peter 4:10 “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” Keep CREATING for the CREATOR!

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