Another Christian Graffiti Video

At the moment I am really appreciating Christian graffiti, there are some amazingly talented artists out there and I am so blessed that instead of not bringing God into their graffiti art, they are letting the two flow hand in hand.

The video above features a few Christian graffiti artists, including Camer1 and Fasm who we have seen before in a Christian graffiti video put together by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

– James

2 thoughts on “Another Christian Graffiti Video

  1. It’s really nice work – very impressed. I wonder how people respond to it. Do you reckon that it opens them to the Christian faith, or does there become a point where it’s in people’s faces 24/7 without any real explanation that people become almost tired of more Christian art in their face? I really don’t know – personally I like this a lot though.

  2. Well, Stephen, I think personally that it serves more than one purpose, it’s not just about the evangelistic element of the painting, its about the painters worshiping God, and Jesus being glorified through the painting. I also think it is an appropriate place with it being a church premises.

    Another video that they have produced is a lot more evangelistic, and I think explains things very clearly, in fact through their website I have found out that many have made a decision to follow Jesus because of seeing this video:

    I don’t think that there is ENOUGH Christian art out there, especially good, relevant, Christian art.

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